Skid pan alley

Helston boating lake

OGIL ride 12.08.20

Despite ominous warnings of thunderstorms, Wednesday morning didn’t look too bad weatherwise after all. A number of fellow OGILs obviously agreed with this and turned out for the ride to Helston. This had been suggested the day before on the assumption that the day was going to be a wash-out and we needed somewhere inside to sit for our coffee and victuals. The fact that Ian also turned up proved our suspicions that it was not going to rain after all.

By the time we had swept up everyone at all three locations we numbered 14 (I think), including visitor Colin. Obviously a glutton for punishment, he was out with us for a second time in a week. For obvious reasons, we divided up into smaller groups, although I have to say the make-up of these remained pretty fluid throughout the ride and it became obvious that some OGILs seem to be numerately challenged. Understandably, nobody was terribly keen to be in Kath’s group after she informed us that she was participating in a Siren study, with regular swabs and blood tests – if she shows positive for Covid-19 then we will all be listed as contacts and have to self-isolate for 14 days. Still, we found it difficult to shake her off and in the end we just accepted our fate and rode on to Porkellis, where we turned left at the Star Inn (shock horror!).

On the road to Wendron a few of us (well, me) got a bit overenthusiastic on the descents only to discover that there is a sharp right hand bend and the road was slick from the overnight rain. After a heart-in-mouth moment when the rear wheel locked up and there a was distinct lack of speed reduction, a turning on the left provided a convenient escape lane and stability returned.

After a brief main road section to Coverack Bridges we turned off right to Prospidnick, and there began one of Ian’s patented magical mystery tours. A meandering route through Nancegollan, up the ‘wrong way’ along Drym Road to Trenwheal, then to Godolphin Cross (cries of “How did we get here?”), then Sithney and hence to Helston. Some of the lanes were wet and gravelly and provided a number of sketchy moments for those not paying enough attention or being a little too bold (I saw you Adrian almost run into the verge – you don’t want to crash that lovely new bike).

The boating lake cafe was well organised with enough outside seating to accommodate us all and any unfortunate tourists that happened along at that time. Despite earlier complaints about the recent hike in prices, Rishi’s eat out to help out scheme returned them to a more Wheeler-ish level, so there were no grumbles. As the rain began to drum down on the pink and white swan pedalos, we remembered celebrating our dear friend Keith’s birthday here almost exactly a year ago.

A routine return ride along the normal route, up through Helston, along Muddy Lane, a short blast dicing with the fast moving traffic on the A394, then down through Halvasso (more skids and breath-holding as we discovered a van lurking around a bend on the descent) and home.

A relaxed (!!) 65km for me.

Photo courtesy of Phil3

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