I have often ridden up this street before ….

But my bum has always stayed upon my seat before. I think I must be getting old as the hill up from the Loe Beach Café was a bit of a strain this morning. When Phil1 said that it was only 150 my fears were confirmed.

It has been announced that Boardmasters is being cancelled due to doom and gloom on the weather front (what a pity Brexit can’t be, Ed) so I was expecting a rainy ride, but it was too warm for the glow in the dark all weather jacket, from Evans Cycles. The plastic bag it came in would have to suffice, so with that tucked into my back pocket I headed out to meet the others at Union Corner. Surprise, just Adrian and Paul there, but soon to be joined by Phil1 and with a minute to spare, Kath, who thought she was early. My attempts at being a runner on Sunday meant that I was hoping for a nice flat, leisurely, recovery ride and I soon dropped off the back as we made our way through to Halvasso turn. A bigly number of riders awaited us, including Nigel, who had thought he was late and had gone on ahead trying to catch us up. Fred suggested Poldhu, and thinking of the homeward hill I was not too enthusiastic, so was ready to support the next suggestion, which was Loe Beach. We usually only go there once a year but it is always fun. Fred led the way from the back and collecting Jan at the quarry we headed out via the Greek Church. Shiggy lanes lived up to their name. Just outside Stithians we crossed paths with a couple of End2Enders, on their first day, who asked for confirmation of directions to Carnon Downs. They were intending to take the King Harry Ferry but seemed unaware of the climbs that then awaited them. The two Phils and Kath lingered to talk to them and were even further back than me, so Phil3 phoned to ask where we were, had we turned right at the triangle? As if I should know. Regrouping we continued to Burncoose, Gwennap and Bissoe and up to Playing Place before dropping down past the Punch Bowl. I fully expected to see the End2Enders again.

It was busy at the beach but the café was quiet and we soon ordered and took our places in the garden. It was to be both a two coffee and two cakes stop, for some, but when Kath started asking just who was going to turn up for the Carnival this Saturday, it was time to leave. Besides, we hadn’t done a pre ride risk assessment for a sunny morning and there was danger that we might develop more than a healthy glow.

I’ll say no more about the ride back up to the top, than I was glad of my extra large bits, but we regrouped at the top and set off back towards home. Some, even having ridden the route back along the estuary to Devoran countless times, had to be persuaded from turning back up towards Playing Place – “we were following Mike!” said Adrian. At Devoran is was a time to go our separate ways, with some, this time, rightly following Mike, and just a few of us choosing the “valley of death”, past Norway Inn, and up Hangman’s – we feared no hill!. Just 32 miles for me and back early. Dean

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