What would Ian do?

It was back to jackets again this morning, for all except Keith, that is, who despite the fact that 1). Rain was forecast and 2). It was raining when we set out this morning. Phil3 had either been in two minds about going or had been delayed in setting out because he was looking for his coat as we caught him up just after Argal Crossroads. As often is the case it started with a bit of mizzle but once we were all committed to the ride came on heavier. However, there were few excuses; Kath was “doing something with the grandchildren” but we didn’t enquire as to just what, Adrian had a case of “builders in”, and Simon had got half way to Halvasso turn before his hair was wet enough for him to realise that he wasn’t wearing his helmet. Neither Mr Happy nor Mr Grumpy were there but Middle of the road Mike was, back from his holiday in sunny Stockport. Even Paul put in an appearance. For Ian, however, it was a working day, so we would have to find our way on our own. Fred took on the task with all seriousness, suggesting a near destination, Jenn’s Diner, and a loopy route that could be cut or extended to suit the level of precipitation. Phil3 broadcast the destination on the OGIL WhatsApp group, so that Simon could meet us there, and we were off. Not too taxing a start; across to Carnkie, Jan had cycled down to Halvasso turn so was over enjoyed about going back up, Carmenellis and Troon, then on to Barripper. I lost track of Paul at this point and Nigel and myself waited for him, unaware that he had sneaked past and was at the front. Regrouping at Penponds we continued up Park Holly to Treswithian Road, turning right to skirt Camborne and intending to skirt Portreath and Bridge, to pick up the old Portreath Road at Sparnon Gate, which comes out at Jenn’s Diner at Gilberts Coombe. It didn’t actually turn out as simple as that, but it didn’t add too much to the ride and gave us a chance to enjoy a bit more of the increasingly heavy rain. There is a maze of roads and junctions around Illogan but eventually we came out at Sparnon Gate, almost as if it was planned. Just a short stretch down to the café where we parked up and dripped our way in. Simon was already there and had prepared a place for us, unfortunately not quite big enough for what were now eleven. As expected the sun came out. It was a noisy gathering with at least six conversations going on at any one time and it was difficult to keep notes on everything said, ie, not expecting to be back writing the report I didn’t listen too closely. It was not only a two coffee stop, for Keith it was two breakfasts but eventually, deciding that it was going to remain dry, we made a move towards home, climbing up through Redruth to Lanner Hill, etc. 38 miles for me. Dean

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