Weds 31st July , Fox and Hounds, Comford

The girls outnumbered the boys at HQ so Robin’s suggested route was vetoed and we went down through Budock, up Halvasso, down to Stithians, up to Burncoose, (where Amanda headed home), down to Gwennap, where a crowd was gathering for the Four Lanes Male Voice choir singing at the Pit, well it was a lovely evening. We found Richard waiting out front so got our drinks and joined him. It was cosy round one table, and the hanging baskets were still looking good despite the recent wind and rain (see picture). Talk was of the recent Tour De France, with Sylvia suggesting that next year we should watch it at a pub? Will she wear her pyjamas!!  Also where we were going next week. (And the answer is? Ed)

We headed off in three directions; some toward Ponsanooth, Teresa toward Cusgarne, and we 3 girls up to Lanner Square where we took Rough Road, which wasnt but was long and steep, arriving at the top joining the road to Stithians Lake. Then our usual route up from the lake where a bunny was hopping around the road, frightened by a car. Tanya managed to catch it, and put it back into the field.

26miles and a lovely sunset.  Caroline.

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