“When suddenly hastening down the lane, a figure I knew I saw quite plain.”

It was Keith and Mike2, waiting at Halvasso turn. I had travelled alone from Union Corner and with a wet and windy forecast, and a goodly number of OGIL sur le continent, I didn’t expect any more company for todays ride. Any idea of going anywhere near Helston on Flora Day was quickly dismissed and, as I wanted to call in at Blackwater at some point, either Lilly the Pink’s or Jenn’s Diner seemed acceptable destinations. We could make a final decision at Blackwater depending on how heavy the rain was. The ride didn’t start well as a VW van driver had the idea that he had right to the full width of the lane up to Halvasso but after that nearly every other vehicle we came across seemed to want to make up for his behaviour. Even a Harts 8 wheeler backed down the road to Chywoon quarry to let us pass, although we had stopped and started to turn round. The wind was as gusty as expected but although there were some very dark clouds about the rain had failed to make its appearance by the time we had arrived at Blackwater. A quick check on the contractor* who is constructing a “youth shelter” in the village park, aka the playground, and we were on our way again, with sites set on calla de dunas de arena (we are not envious of those on a jaunt to Mallorca, no, really, we are not, even when they share their photos on the OGIL Whats app group.)

The café de la playa was not too busy and service was quick. Too quick for Keith and Mike, who needed to reorder coffee to extend the stop. But the rain failed to make an appearance and we were forced to collect our bikes and make our way home, up the Coll de Mawla, to Wheal Rose and Scorrier, just skirting the rain clouds as we went, then on to Lanner Hill and home. 41 miles for me. Dean

* Tom David, Naturally Green, Countryside Services.


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