Hey there, Georgie Girl

There are not nine million bicycles in Beijing, but there were fourteen on the OGIL ride this week. An incredible eight left Union Corner, minus our Chair, who didn’t even post her lame excuse until 9am, but joined by new rider, Georgie B, who with Frankie brought the average age of riders down by about two decades. For once we outnumbered the five at Halvasso turn, who, in celebration of May Day had returned to the slightly less muddy gateway. Collecting Jan at Kessle Quarry we were a full complement and on our way to the Atlantic café at Portreath. Ian nominally led the way, with a little twist in that we turned left just before Troon, bypassing the village and taking us straight down to Killivose Lodge. Ramsgate, Barripper, Penponds and Coombe followed before the dash along the North Coast road to Portreath. There was a bit of drizzle along the way and we did get spread out a bit, causing TD to voice concern about the lack of markers at strategic deviations from the straight and narrow.

I have to say that although the Atlantic café was far from busy, service was mediocre, but at least, for once, everyone got their order. Conversations, however, were far from mediocre, with an enthusiastic buzz around both tables. One item not discussed was the recent item on the BBC website about the history of the bicycle and the place it has in developing world manufacturing industry. However, it seems that when women first started cycling there were concerns that this would lead to an increase in prostitution. Nonsense, I say. By the time it was all over someone would have nicked the bike.

As we left the sole remaining member of the OGIL3 group, Mr Gunner turned up. A straightforward ride home awaited us, up through Redruth to Lanner Hill etc. Those that made it back as far as Falmouth passed Sonjia and Jayne near Halvasso and Martyn a little later on. 42 miles for me and a healthy pace set by those who were still desperately trying to get ready for the trip to Majorca. Dean


Full list of riders: Adrian, Nigel, Ian, Frankie, Georgie, Dean, John, Colin, Phil3, Andrew, Simon, Jan, TD, and myself.

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