The three Amigos with no excuses

Watching what’s app was a lesson in excuses today. I didn’t have a runny nose, a wardrobe catastrophe, knees were ok, neck was feeling good, I’d been to the gym the day before, no dog to take to the vet, ironing done, car washed, bored with Brexit, I had absolutely no excuse not to go.

So off to Union Corner where I was met by Nigel. Only Paul and Mike were at the other place. A decision was quickly made to go to Porthleven, Nigel decided he didn’t want to go far and headed off towards Greek. The three of us headed off up to Halvasso and out through Porkelis, on to Godolphin Cross and around Balwest to Ashton.

We had a stunning ride down to Porthleven in sunshine and headed to the Harbour View. Food was good value as usual.

Out into the sunshine again and back to Helston via Penrose. We took the usual way home with Paul leaving us at Retenna and Mike turning right at Argal.

An enjoyable, uneventful 41 miles.


Phil Conroy

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