John, John, the Grey Goose is gone!

I don’t know whether the old dog fox was any more surprised than Phil1 and I, when he casually popped out of the hedge as we made our way to the other place this morning. One look at Phil though and he was off home, probably having had breakfast at Tiffany’s, or was it Bernie’s. Just the two of us at Union Corner, although Ian turned up just after we reached Halvasso turn. And the roll call was as short there too. I was surprised to see Admiral, but this other old fox was soon off when we appeared, off in an attempt to get fit enough to rejoin the OGIL.

There was a cold northerly wind blowing, so the obvious choice was to head upwind, and my suggestion of Jenn’s Diner, at Gilberts Coombe, was accepted; allowing for a wide round about ride with an approach from the rear. That should put colour in her cheeks.

Jan was waiting at Kestle Quarry but we still turned left, up to Crane garage, and on across to Troon, Barripper, Penponds and across towards Tehidy. I expected to turn left here, down to Portreath, but there is a cut across at Roscroggan, which pleased Mr Garmin, down to Illogan, bringing you out at Bridge. As we regrouped on the bridge there was some debate here as to why Bridge was called Bridge. Instead of now continuing along the flattish New Portreath Rd, past the Gold Centre, Fred spotted a hill, and turned off again, up what was supposedly the old Portreath Rd. Ian was on his single speed so he was happy.

Jenn’s Diner was as excellent as last time, though due to Brexit there was no brown bread for toast. Well fed, well rested, and well entertained by the conversational buzz it seemed only a short while before we were on our way again. The other attraction of Jenn’s Diner is that it is half way home, only 15 minutes up to Lanner Hill. I said goodbye to Jan, Paul, Ian, Fred, Mike and Phil1 along the way, and no thanks to the aggressive driving of the driver of a large Transit type van down by Jobs Water, I nearly said goodbye to everyone else too. 39 miles for me. Dean

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