Shades of Grey

I was going to start by saying that it was an all male turn out for this weeks OGIL ride, but you have to choose your words more carefully these days. Suffice to say none of the usual female Wheelers were amongst the two who joined me at Union Corner, or the six assembled at the other place. It was a cool, greyish, start to the day but I am sure this had nothing to do with it. Andrew wasn’t there either so without his bike problems to amuse us it was a quick(ish) decision to make over destination and we were off; St Agnes bound. Keith reported that the shitty lane after the Greek Church was living up to its name so we turned off via Bernie’s Estate and deaf cat alley, down the dip into Stithians, then through to Burncoose and Cusgarne. Here Ian took us left up the short hill that cuts off Bissoe before going on to Twelveheads, Chacewater and Blackwater. By now rear lights were being turned on as it was becoming increasingly murky, and coats donned. Still, on we went, across to Mount Hawke, another hill or two and out to the main road to St Agnes. A short stop here whilst a vote was taken on whether it should be around the Beacon or the direct route into Aggie and for Keith to explain the bandaged finger. It seems he stuck his finger in the shredder to fish out a stick and then had to push a stick into the shredder to fish out his finger! Completely ignoring the result of the vote, Fred turned left, to Goonvrea and on to the North Coast. One can only imagine the view as the lane hugs the cliff tops before dropping down into the village and the St Agnes Bakery. It was to be an egg free stop but the choice of Pasties (meat, veggie and vegan) thoroughly made up for this. Executing nine drinks orders in a reasonable time seemed to tax the abilities of the waitress, even though most of us had collected our own food from the counter downstairs and there wasn’t this to complicate matters, but it was a good choice for todays ride.

Well refreshed we set off again, continuing down Town Hill to Peterville before climbing up to Barkla Shop, then right, to Mithian, Blackwater and on to Scorrier and homewards. As we moved towards the south coast the mist cleared, had it been a sunny day in Falmouth? 47 miles for me.


Other parts played by Phils 1 and 3, Simon, Paul and, not to be missed out again, Mike2.

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