Atlantic Blue

There were more Wheelers on this week’s OGIL ride than I could count on my fingers and, with comings and goings amongst the ladies it has challenged my memory powers to name them all at this late date. Phil, Kath, Ian and the A&E joined me at Union Corner, although the ladies didn’t stop at Halvasso turn. However, Sheila, Fred, Simon, Phil3, Trevor and Keith were already there and Jan was to join us at Longdowns. The destination was prearranged, Portreath, so we were soon on our way, via Bolenowe, Tuckingmill and North Roskear to the air transport memorial, and skirting Illogan, on to Portreath. In recent weeks we have not had so many stops and as a result have reached the café earlier. Sitting around the round table it was like a re-enactment of the last supper. The Atlantic café seems to be under new “management” as although they were not very busy service was slow. This didn’t present too much of a problem, at first, but after around 45 minutes, when Simon, Phil1 and Keith hadn’t received their food and the rest of us had finished, matters became more pressing. The “girls” suddenly remembered that they “had things to do” and made their (weak) excuses and left. For the “boys” it was to become a record café stop, at 97 minutes, and not a raindrop in sight. We had previously discussed doing a longer route back but by now this was forgotten and it was straight back up towards Redruth, although Ian led us on a slight detour, taking us through North Country, Treleigh and across to Mount Ambrose and Sandy lane before joining the usual route at Lanner Hill. 41 miles for me. We met East Devon Jim at Halvasso, out without his Garmin – 141 miles for Jim?


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