Two ride reports for the price of one today. With gusty winds and the likelihood of rain I needed my jacket* this morning, but it was too warm once outside, so off came the top layer, back on went the jacket, and off I went to Union Corner. It was whilst waiting for the others that I realised that I should really have kept the top on. Not that I was cold, but my money was in the pocket. Just Phil there at 8.48 but who’s this – Emma and Amanda arrived bang on time. “Let’s go then,” I said. “Just let me get my breath back”, says Amanda. But this wasn’t for cycling, and they went off ahead nattering away. Paul, Fred, Andrew and Mike2 awaited us at the other place and Jane paid us a visit, on her way to meet up with the other lot for their 9.30 start. A&E not only declined from continuing with us, to Helston Boating Lake, but also from telling us where they were going to head for, in fear that we may join them and expect them to lead. After texting Jan we were on our way, via 3-mile hill, Gweek, Trelowarren and Cury. It was a lovely morning; just the sound of the wind in the trees, and the click, clank of Andrew’s bike.

As of other recent rides we were early arriving at the boating lake; so early that they hadn’t yet filled it for the day and the ducks sat in the mud wondering what they had done to cause this, and why I hadn’t treated them to breakfast as usual. Fortunately the café accepts contactless payments and I did not have to go on hands and knees to beg for a crust.

I was so deeply engrossed in the discussion at my end of the table to take much notice as to what Mike, Paul and Andrew were discussing. We were discussing Brexit and the Governments plans for a no deal. Fred had ordered scrambled eggs, which reminded him that he had read, somewhere, that there had been thousands of tons of dried egg left in store from WW2 and this has been kept during the cold war, just in case. What they were planning to do with it during the cold war I can’t imagine. Probably make hydrogen sulphide gas from it to keep Jonny Foreigner at bay. Fred thought that this egg powder was probably the centre point of the Government’s contingency plan for next March. I might go Vegan.

Three helicopters flying over interrupted our discussion. This was the penultimate flight of the Sea Kings of 849 Squadron, on a farewell flight around Devon and Cornwall. In fact there were just two Sea Kings, with a Merlin tagging along behind in case they got lost. The flight was supposed to have taken place yesterday but was postponed because of expected low cloud, which would have disappointed many who would want to see them off. I was glad that we had not missed them, as my SiL is the Commanding Officer.

Though the weather seemed to be deteriorating there were suggestions that we go on further before heading for home, but Fred translated this into a route back that took in Truthall halt, where we didn’t, Releath, which wasn’t, and Porkellis and Carnkie. Unusually, no one turned off until we got back to Halvasso turn, where Fred and Paul turned right, to be replaced by A&E, returning from their little trip to Porthleven. It went quite at Argal crossroads, as Andrew and Mike turned off and the rest of us continued through to Union Corner. 37 miles for me.

I don’t, as a rule, join the Wednesday evening pub ride but as with the OGIL, rules seem to be out of the window these days, and, as it was the penultimate pub ride of the year, I thought I could go along without it becoming habit forming. The main attraction was, of course, the visit to the new Sports Hub at Falmouth School to see, and try, the Watt Bikes. There seemed to be little enthusiasm amongst other Wheelers as just five of us set off from HQ, to rendezvous at the Hub with Kath, Paula and Andrew, who had wisely driven there. The bikes, a whole room full, are more sophisticated than the Keiser bikes at Tremough and St Michaels and there will be a full programme of classes throughout the day. Membership fees seem reasonable too. After leaving the gym Fred, Robin, Chris, Neal and myself continued to the New Inn at Mabe, via Argal. Main topic of the sensible part of the conversation centered around Robin’s Hour attempt, now set for 20 November. The rest was a bit like an OGIL ride, with beer. It was dark, of course, when we left, Chris and I taking to the bypass to get home.


* Night Vision almost waterproof jacket from Evans Cycles.

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