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Hill Climb 12th September
The promise of everyone’s a winner on the website brought out a huge number of Wheelers to Weir Hill – or it may have been the promise of Hilary’s tasty sausage rolls. Some 17 riders faced the challenge of the hill – a record turnout for the annual event. Sparky bikes made their electrifying debut this year. The evening was warm and the lane quiet. No traffic interfered with us for a change. The Wheelers banner fluttered at the ‘FINITO’ line. Paul and Jim Lyle were the timekeepers at the top and Simon started them off from sea level.
Caroline was first off up the 650m course, which has a 50metre height gain and an average gradient of maybe 7%, peaking at about 10%. Don Morris made an impressively huge start in ‘turbo max thrust’ mode on the first of the sparky bikes. Sue swiftly followed. Reuben dashed back home to swop his Moulton? for one with a sparky motor and he and Don’s times were only 6 seconds apart. Richard was as usual in a class of his own, as was Raymond. The fastest 3 riders came from the under 35, under 50 and under 70 categories but not in that order. They were separated by a mere 4 seconds. Impressive. The previous course records for both maids and boys were blown apart by the returning 2016 champion Phil 4 “the Bullet” and now stands at an impressive 1:50, and Liz did the same for the girls with another impressive 3:21. Well done. You can tell this is no longer just a social club….
The results were announced over hot coffee and sausage rolls at Paul and Hilary’s and thanks to them both for hosting what was a fun event. We then rolled down to the Lemon Arms, it being a Wednesday.
Results (by category) + CR (Course Record)
Maids – 1. Liz 3:21 CR
2.= Teresa and Sonjia 3:54
4. Caroline 4:43
Boys U35 – 1. Ben 1:52
2. Chris 2:09
Bigger Boys U50 – 1. Phil 4 “the Bullet” 1:50 CR
2. Jim 3:17
No longer Boys U60 – 1. Raymond 2:42
Old Boys U70 – 1. Robin 1:54
2. Ian 2:16
3. Simon 2:53
4. Fred 3:45
Venerable Old Boys – Richard 3:45
Sparkies – Women – 1. Sue 2:10
Men – 1. Reuben 1:22
2. Don 1:28

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