Sunday 5th august Long ride

Several keen enthusiastic riders met at H.Q. I decided to join the long ride as it was such a luverly day. Eight of us set off via Budock church no man’s land lane etc. Well that is seven plus yours truly trying to keep up, by the time we had reached the top of Halvasso I began to think I had stumbled across the peleton of some manic tour I was unaware of, I enquired as to whether the pace had gone up whilst I had been away (touring Greece if you didn’t know) or I was of the boil the general consensus was that I am crap anyway but even crappier at this current moment. Oh well that’s alright then so off we went. I could not complain about the destination as I had suggested it but at the top of Carnkie hill they all turned right we going to do the ride in reverse I was told and why not to hell with convention. So Praze & Beeble, Carnell Green passed by as did a lot of traffic, at Conner Downs to avoid the traffic on the old A30 we turned left towards Angarrick as did all the traffic what was going on we all wondered! As we left Angarrick we found out a car boot sale in Hayle rugby club grounds. We skirted around the top of Hayle and headed towards Lelant, Andrew went on the cycle path so Phil 1 and I waited for him near the car wash place. Setting off again we had Know idea what route they had taken, as we were reversing the route we assumed wrongly that they would have gone along by the railway and up passed the Golf club. Any way a while later we arrived at the Lakeside Café to join the others who had by now finished there chosen vitals but very kindly waited for us so we were all back together again Ahh!! I hear you all go or is it Ugh!! Get on with it. We made our way back via Cripplease, Nancledra to Ludgvan across A30 to long lane Godolphin cross etc. A brief visit by the “P” fairy was sustained by Phil 1 but we all made to the refreshment facility known as the Star Inn where Raymond greeted us having finished his ride with the Helston boys.

I survived the 60 odd miles but enjoyed it  Fred

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