Days 1-2

The tour or Majorca has begun.

Robin, Phil 4, John and Amanda

This is why we’ve come to Majorca, it’s warm and sunny and our taxi driver is a font of knowledge and confirms our belief that we chose a good location.

The villa in Pollenca is everything and more then we ever expected.  The Bougainvillia  perfectly shades  our outside dinning area; lemons dropping from the trees and an exotic fruit, that we don’t know the name of, but our taxi driver assures us are a delight to eat.

Bags dropped and we’re whisked to nearby Porto Pollenca to pick up our hire bikes. Robin choosing an iconic steel Colnago that he hopes to put to shame the ‘Young set’ on their carbon stealth machines.

We seem to be way ahead of any schedule and eager to get riding and we complete our first climb before dinner. A brilliant start to our holiday.

515 m. Our first climb Coll de Fermenia


Cap de Formentor

Our first complete days ride. It is a staggeringly beautiful ride, a rollercoaster of delight and the weather is in our favour.

We’ve never seen so many cyclists and a steady flow of hire cars make their way to the lighthouse that is the destination at the end of this peninsula, clogging up the car park in a way that only lemming like tourists can do. It’s fun to watch. We find space to sit and eat our lunch before heading back the only way – the way we came.

A dip in the pool, glasses of Rioja, fish and salad, cheese, chocolate and then we start playing room 101 – who’s  bright idea was that?

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