First OGIL of Spring

The beauty of spinning is that one just gets on the bike and off you go*. Having not used my road bike for a couple of weeks I thought I would check it over yesterday and give the tyres a bit more air ready for the first ride of spring. This morning the rear tyre was flat. A quick text to a few of the other OGIL to say “let me know where you are going and I’ll catch you up” and I set to. Mr Garmin cheeped non-stop, eager to find new roads. A speedy innertube replacement, hands washed and we were ready. The moment I got on the bike, bang, the front tyre went. I knew the rear tyre was flat on my “summer” bike but I did have a tube that would fit. Delayed only by my foot-pump deciding to pack up, a quick chat to Mike 1 who was just setting out on the VOGIL ride, and another hand washing session, I was 50 minutes late but on my way. I reckoned the quickest route to Portreath would be out to Norway Inn, Bissoe, Twelveheads, Blackwater, Mawla but was surprised to find that the others had only been at the café a few minutes when I arrived. The spinning classes are obviously paying off. Ian did tell me which route they had taken but as it was Ian I didn’t listen, being keen to note just who else was seated around the table. With the new and ex chair seated at either end Andrew, Phil3, Raymondo, Ian, myself, Mike2 and Paul made up the complement.
Everyone else, but Paul, seemed to be as hungry as me, as I have never seen so many breakfasts being ordered. Conversation seemed lively, everyone wishing Kath luck for her inaugural club meeting tomorrow eve, “she’ll be fine”, but I didn’t tune in to much of it. Mad Mike did try to tell us that we didn’t speak English proper but was firmly put in his place. At least we know that we don’t go out in just our pants.

We were reminded that it was time to leave by the arrival of Big Bob, Mr President and the rest of the tramway treckers. We circled the car park like geese waiting for the migration to start. Taking the quick route back we were soon into Redruth and on to Lanner hill and Stithians. Here some made a detour via the 7 stars whilst the rest made for home; Paul reminding us that he wouldn’t be with us next week as he was off on the Stantander trip. Just Kath and I returning to Falmouth. “Break a leg” I called. She’ll be fine. 38 miles for me. Dean

* If anyone is looking to join the St Michaels Gym I can get a commission for referring them.

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