We never regret going.

It’s sometimes difficult judging quite what our response to weather forecasts should be. Does an amber warning mean us joining the supermarket queues to stock up – for the few hours we might have low temperatures and snow on the ground? Or just carry on as normal. Hope they got it wrong.

I was pleased to see that six others turned up at HQ. It was cold – I think we all agreed on that – but amazingly sunny too. Joe and Liz put more faith in the forecast than we did and elected to ride home, get changed and go for a walk instead. Which left Neil (Ice Bikes), Pete (Electric Bikes), Jim, Phil 4 and myself (Too Many Bikes) to decide on a route. We thought of Poldhu, being close enough to make for home if the forecast was correct. But at Mawgan roundabout, buoyed by the blue skies and warm sunshine we, we agreed on a more distant goal, Roskillys. And a mighty fine ride it was too. Clearly the best of the year so far, such that, when we arrived at Roskillys, we did consider sitting out in the sun. However the fire was lit and Neil found a table inside but still in full sun. He ordered the bacon sandwich but we all had cake and Pete regaled us with stories of steep climbs in Penryn and overpriced Energy Performance Certificates. Much talk of electric, recumbent bikes and electric recumbent trikes. Waiting for the snow.

After much time we emerged, but instead of snow, we were greeted by puffy white clouds and much blue sky. Nearing Zoar garage we remarked on the long distance views and the clarity of the Lizard light. There appeared to be blue sky over the whole of the peninsula. Maybe the forecast was just plain wrong. We cycled back to Mawgan roundabout where the group split up with Phil and I making for an appointment with Trevor and the much proven restorative properties of Spingo, whilst the others returned via Gweek, and quite possibly the Black Swan.

Trevor was at the bar waiting to buy us pints, along with Riley his faithful Jack Russel and resplendent in waxed jacket and moustache. Trevor that is, not Riley. Riley was getting a bit restless – I can only think as a result of being there several hours already. Talk in the bar was about pricks in lycra and the forthcoming snow storm – that had already been downgraded. The barmaid provided us with up to date weather information. Could she get her snowboard out when she clocked off later? Would I be able to ski down to the Pandora? We’d have to wait. And wait. And it was no bad thing as, besides the restorative nature of the ale, we were also enjoying the health benefits of laughter, sometimes to the point of tears. Something about us having snow chains for the journey home…….

Eventually our patience was rewarded with a few flakes of snow and when we did finally leave the hostelry the streets were painted white and it was coming down thick and fast. Jackets on, along with all our lights, we made our way cautiously home. And a mighty fine day out too!

Ian was faced with a difficult decision last week as to whether to run the pathfinder or not. He made the right call and cancelled the ride giving everyone plenty of notice. Not sure he made the right decision not turning up at HQ though.


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  1. Just like to say thanks for the ride and the great company as usual. I was pushed well beyond my limit but made it home eventually after the snow started hard at Mawnan Smith where Pete and I split for the final push (literally in my case). Fully recovered now and actually feeling better on the bike – obvious really but if you want to get better at it then do it more… 😉
    Cheers everyone.
    ICE Neil.

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