Pathfinder February 18th The Day of the “P”

Thirteen brave members met at Trekenning car park in St Column to take part in this month’s Pathfinder.

Helston Trevor, Robin, Chris and Phil 1 cycled from home joined by Phil 3 at Ladock and with Bernie back from down under was Ian, Liz, Trevor 1 and the electric Ladies Karen, Barbara, Denise and yours truly set off in a roughly easterly direction. There was quite a bit of low lying cloud about (mizzle) and immediately we had our first visit from the “P” fairy calling on Phil 1. (1) So leaving a loyal band of supporters we set off make a leisurely ride up past Trewan hall and it’s lovely campsite towards Denzill Downs. Several of us were amazed at how easily the electric ladies made the hills look. We waited at the junction turn to St Eval but were soon joined by the “P” group, we continued on through the mist to join the Main road above Mawgan Porth. We stopped in Mawgan Porth for a coffee and bacon bap for those who had ridden up and were in need of sustenance. While we were enjoying our coffee’s Chris fixed his tyre after he had received a visit from the “P” fairy (2) We then had two hills to negotiate to take us past Watergate bay, before reaching Porth Beach we turned left heading for Trewince, where after a steep ascent Helston Trevor had a visit from the “P” fairy (4) again a small party waited as we made our way to join the Main A3059 for a short ride to the Air Ambulance base. After we all had a go at flying the Helicopter doing high fives with their Mascot we had a very welcome cup of Tea and a scone (Jam first). A short ride followed across to Trebudannon where after a little dip we had a fifth visit from our friend the “P” fairy this time finding Barbara (5) the first attempt at fixing it was unsuccessful so a second stop ensued (5a) this enabled several of the members to have a go on Denise’s bike obviously part of their retirement plans. So eventually we made it back to the Car park leaving those who rode up to cycle back home.

20 ish miles for me about 60 for those intrepid riders who rode up.

Thanks to all who supported the ride ( you never regret going )

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