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Highways England are currently consulting on the proposed new dual carriageway upgrade to the the A30 and the Truro Cycling Campaign Group are concerned that a golden opportunity to cater for cyclists who want to travel directly and safely to Truro (and beyond) is being overlooked in the draft plans. Here is an extract from a message received from a leading TCC member calling on all interested parties to respond to this important element of the plan “Truro Cycling Campaign are calling for a safe and direct cycle crossing at the site of the existing Chiverton roundabout as part of the Chiverton to Carland Cross A30 upgrade  The campaign sees it as part of a bigger vision for a cycle highway between St Agnes (and other north coast villages) and Truro.   Currently the proposals mean cyclists would have to cross at the new roundabout over half a kilometer to the east, a big detour, and still face heavy traffic.
The 2011 census show there are over 1000 commuter movements each day between the St Agnes area and Truro.  Being just 7 miles and relatively flat, a direct and safe cycle highway along this route could increase cycling rates exponentially (especially when factoring in electric bikes) and in doing so help reduce congestion, improve air quality and promote health.  Instead we have an A30 upgrade proposal which could write this out for ever.  It’s a now or never opportunity!!
We need as many people to respond to the A30 consultation as possible. There is a link to the consultation survey form from the Truro Cycling Campaign website and some points relating to cycling which people can use when responding:
Please do spread the word. The deadline for responses is 12 March.”
The Consultation Document is also in Truro Library and well worth a look. You may have other comments to make on this proposed scheme.

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  1. The current proposal from Highways England is improved from the early verion seen in the 2016 consultation in particular the lane crosing just east of Zelah has been saved. Our inputs may have helped with that. Truro Cycle Campaign have done a great job over the last months rasining awareness of the need for crossing at Chiverton Cross. This is needed more than ever as the new proposal puts the road junction further east.
    I’m hoping to update Falmouth Wheelers with some extra information gained at and after the consultation event and want to point up other problems and opportunities in the proposal from the cycling point of view most obviously the need to conect Carland Cross to Mitchell for cyclists and walkers. Once at Mitchell there are minor roads all the way to Bodmin along the natural spine route.

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