Knit one pearl three.

It was not forecast to be a fine day, but I decided to brave the elements. With ’you must be mad’ ringing in my ears I left for Union Corner where at least one other mad OGIL, Kiwi Dave, was waiting.

On to the other place where only one more OGIL was found, Mawnan Mike. In 3 weeks attendance has gone from 14 to 7 and now 3! At least with only three of us it didn’t take long to decide on where we were going, or was it the weather which prompted us not to go far? Porthleven by the shortest route was chosen. So out to Gweek, up Chapel Hill, round to Pemboa, boating lake, through Penrose and down to Porthleven. Chosen cafe was the Nauti.

Orders were given and we settled down only to be drowned out by the local knitting circle. Mike having to turn down his hearing aid. The knitters were having a good yarn, but our conversation stated off a bit woolly. Mike settled for getting the needle into Trump, literally, I think, whilst Dave and I pulled the wool over his eyes after much ribbing.  The food arrived, Dave with scrambled egg with toast (not on toast) and greenery, Mike with the full English and I with my meagre toasted teacake.  No one opted for a second coffee. Eventually it was time to cast off and leave sheepishly as we had run out of pearls of wisdom.

It was up the hill with the wind behind us, which was lucky for Mike as he needed all the help he could get after the full English! Across to Sithney , Truthall Halt, Wendon School and the usual way home. By this time the weather was starting to improve making the ride all the more worthwhile.

34 miles on the clock.


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