It’s what Sundays are for.

It was the day after Piers Morgan stole Amanda’s bike.* It was also mild but damp, and no reason why only 6 Wheelers turned up for the 9 o’clock ride today. Sylvia announced that she had a job list as long as her locks and so would be content with a hours ride, whilst the rest of us considered a route that would get us to Chiverton Cross for the demonstration about lack of cycle transit through the proposed A30 interchange. There would be an 11am photocall. Robin had made his suggestions and we were on the way before I “just checked to see if I had the right date”. I did have the right date, but this was not it. It is next week. A revised route was agreed, to take us to Portreath via Bissoe. Phil3 and myself did our best to bring Robin, Trevor and Amanda down to OGIL speed, by tactically lagging behind a bit and also to keep Robin on the flatter route, avoiding Rose Hill at Porthtowan.

The Atlantic café was busy, very busy; a larger group would have not found tables; but the service remained good and Robin was only half way through his entertaining and incredibly interesting theory and practice of woodburner operation, when our orders arrived. Conversation moved on to laptops and tablets, the usefulness of maps, and even mention was made of whom the next Club Chairman might be.

We had avoided Porthtowan Hill but could not avoid Portreath hill, turning left at the top and making our way back across to Pool and Piece, where we turned right to take us up into Four Lanes, then across to Stithians. The lure of the Seven Stars tugged at Robin and Amanda, and finally Trevor, leaving Phil3 and myself to make our way back through the Halvasso floods alone. 38 miles for me. Dean

* In the interest of avoiding being sued I would like to point out that like many of the things I write about in these reports this may not have actually happened in the way that it appears here. But he still looks like a “twat”.

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