Ride report OGIL ride Wednesday 23/08

Where were we going?

6 of us left Union Corner, no Dean though, he had already handed in his absence note. There was a positive crowd waiting for us at Halvasso Halt, one visiting rider from Australia, friend of Mike’s, whose name escapes me and far too many to be mentioned now. Keith handed me my arm warmers that he had gratefully borrowed a few weeks ago when the weather turned wet and cold.  Admiral very admirably put these in his bar bag and with a shout from Fred of Portreath we set off for Porthowan.

The route was straightforward, Greek Church, Chacewater, where Amanda left us, Dangerous Crossroads, a bit of a wiggle round and down the hill into Porthtowan. We had also lost Simon en route as he went home to change his bike as he was having trouble with his seat.  He caught us up again but not before we left Porthowan.

The coffee stop was good with a bit of nifty queue jumping by some local ladies, virtually elbowing Bernie out of way, how rude!!  My Banana bread was well worth it and 3 times the size of Phil 3’s bakewell slice. John’s egg on toast had a really golden yolk and someone had a full English.  There were a number of flapjacks eaten and one Hot Chocolate ordered.

We left the café with a wave to Gill Lightfoot who was on the beach and headed off up Rose Hill, and on to the top of Lanner. I should imagine Paul left us here with the rest of us turning right with Stithians being the next stop. We ignored the Road Closed signs going back down the Halvasso road and had a traffic free ride only needing to skirt around the BT lorry. Phil 1 led the way back to base.

I’ve managed to mention everybody except 1 rider who I just can’t think who you are and am really sorry.  I’ll remember who you are the minute I send this. – Got it, Trevor was with us at the start and departed somewhere along the way.

I think we did just over 40 miles. I used my Garmin today instead of Strava and I’m going to try to download the route on to the laptop.  Good luck with that I say.


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