Sunday 20th August

With a forecast of a wet day ahead after a brief but heavy shower I set off for H.Q. thinking no-one else will turn up as I pedalled on through the mizzle but there at Argal cross roads there appeared a yellow coated cyclist from the Mawnan Smith direction, it was Phil 3! This is most unpleasant I said a muffled reply was heard, a mutual understanding that we must both be mad and that we had to do a ride now as at least one other person had ventured out.

We both arrived at H.Q. to be joined shortly by several other keen wheelers ready for a good days cycling!! Full of enthusiasm or what purports to be such 10 of us set off for Helston boating lake by a route not quite Poldhu. The weather varied from damp to mizzle to rain a typical summers day in Cornwall.  Eggs on toast are fast becoming a staple diet for the OGIL contingent and went down very well. Several interesting conversations took place unfortunately I can’t remember what they were about but I know holidaying in France was mentioned SUN SUN SUN.  And so we made our way home the rain becoming more persistent.

So a big round of applause to the silly bu—ers who came out on Sunday Phil3, Dean, John, Jo, David (with his panniers and tent,) Mike, Andrew, Don M, Nick and yours truly.

Fred  I don’t know about 40miles

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