I turned up once again for the 9.30 slightly later than OGIL Ride: Wednesday mornings are not usually when I can be out on the bike. The usual suspects were at Union Corner and where we were going was agreed – Smokey Joe’s on the old A30 between Scorrier and Blackwater. We set off on the usual route through Lamanva and up to Halvasso and then past Crane Garage to the top of the first Carnkie. It was right here […] Read More

A Canter round West Cornwall

The fog cleared as Richard and I drove over to Wall Hall on Sunday, which was a relief as we had unfinished business with the Celtic Canter, the 60k Audax from Wall, near Carnell Green.  Last year’s event was hit by hail and heavy rain, and before we’d reached half way we were soaked, cold and fed up.  So we stopped to warm up at the café at Lelant Garden Centre and didn’t finish. This year was quite different – […] Read More

I’ve never seen anything like it!

Simon’s text, to say that he needed to take his car to Penstraze, and could we head that way to meet up, was an opportunity to find somewhere new for the OGIL ride. There are countless cafes, and even more routes to get to them, to the North or West of Union Corner but few that we have found that head in a more easterly direction and fit the Wednesday morning criteria- mainly centered around the word “morning”. A Google […] Read More

Celtic Coastal audax 100km – Sun, Sundials and Sandwiches

The good weather in October continues to surprise us.  We barely need to bother to consult the Met Office forecast before getting out on the bike. So how come the number of entries was down this year?  Organiser Chris Rayne had even tweaked the route again to improve it further.  So many of those who did enter were saying what a brilliant day it was to be riding this audax. Some were still in shorts! As we left the hall at […] Read More

Turned out nice again.

Another fine day, I can’t help but think we are going to pay for it later. Common sense said that it would not be warm enough for shorts in mid October. I decided on tights under shorts; I was too warm. Sheila joined Kath, Phil1 and myself at Union Corner and as soon as Ian arrived we were off, to meet with Phil3, Mike2 and virgin OGILler, John. John is from somewhere the other side of the border, can’t quite […] Read More

Bike aHoy? Jumping ship.

An attempt at the hour record needs a spare bike. Track time is expensive and the clock doesn’t stop ticking in the event of a puncture or a mechanical. It may be possible to effect a repair or change a wheel but you will need a spare bike whilst this is being done – and lose over a lap, 250mts, in the process! I needed to get my spare bike sorted now rather than leave it until the last minute. […] Read More

Seven weeks to go.

Thursday 4th October It’s now only seven weeks to go before my attempt – though more importantly it’s only three weeks to go before the trial run on the 25th Oct when I’ve hired the Velodrome for an hour and the first time I will have ridden for more than ten minutes at the speed I need to maintain for the record!! Head coach Garrie has told me that I really need to get 40 minutes under my belt. Apparently […] Read More

Is this the real life

Well into October and still shorts weather. This can only mean “it’s a Poldhu day”. Kath had been up early to put the washing out, and was already at Union Corner, with Phil, when I arrived; Ian wasn’t far behind. Fred, Simon, Phil(3), and Mike(2) were at the other place. I think it was Fred who suggested Poldhu; a south-easterly wind would blow us there. Ian, on his single speed, raised no objection, though the route would be a little […] Read More