I wondered, would I be lonely?

I have been a bit of a wuss lately, avoiding the rain and snow in favour of a spin class, or two. With Mystic Meg suggesting only three spots of rain at 9 o’clock and another one at 11, and with a blue sky to the Northwest, I felt it was time to make amends. Kath had already posted that she would not be out* so I was feeling pretty smug when, at 8.50 there were no other Wheelers at […] Read More

Red Lion – Mawnan Smith

First pub ride of the year we headed to Mawnan Smith. 8 riders on 8 bikes. Liz, Amanda, Trevor, Robin, Richard 80, Ian, Neil and myself. As the pub was so far away the most direct route we decided was the way to go. Left turn  out of HQ down to Maenporth, up the other side then to our amazement we were there. Beer was drunk, rubbish was talked and micky was taken.    

Site Updates

You might have noticed that the website is now live on www.falmouthwheelers.co.uk Horray! Also there is now a “Shout Box” on the right of the screen underneath the “Headline News” this is an instant messenger system. You need to be logged in to use it but its there. 😀

Sunday 25th -Roskilly’s

There were more Wheelers at HQ than were expected I think.  This being due to the clocks springing forward but the weather was perfect and Wheelers never miss out on a good day for getting out on the bike. The destination for the shorter ride group was Roskilly’s after ruling out Perranporth to go and see the Guinness Book of Records Sausage Dog Challenge. They beat the record of 500 sausage dogs and got a new record of 601 dogs. […] Read More

First OGIL of Spring

The beauty of spinning is that one just gets on the bike and off you go*. Having not used my road bike for a couple of weeks I thought I would check it over yesterday and give the tyres a bit more air ready for the first ride of spring. This morning the rear tyre was flat. A quick text to a few of the other OGIL to say “let me know where you are going and I’ll catch you […] Read More

We never regret going.

It’s sometimes difficult judging quite what our response to weather forecasts should be. Does an amber warning mean us joining the supermarket queues to stock up – for the few hours we might have low temperatures and snow on the ground? Or just carry on as normal. Hope they got it wrong. I was pleased to see that six others turned up at HQ. It was cold – I think we all agreed on that – but amazingly sunny too. […] Read More

Wednesday 14th March – Blowing a bit (and wet, again)

Forecast : Grey, South Easterly Gales, Heavy Rain. The previous day had seen the first day of spring, weather wise. 14 degs in the sun, gentle breeze and cyclists wearing shorts. But that was yesterday! Today it was horrible, so much so that only two Wheelers ventured forth, Chicago Mike and Paul. Hanging around was not an option so on the stroke of about quarter past nine we headed west, Porthleven vaguely the destination. Past Carnkie and on to Porkellis […] Read More