Jan completes the cycling leg of the Challenge Roth Ironman

On Sunday I did the bike leg of the Challenge Roth Ironman distance relay in Germany .
It was an amazing event, albeit rather stressful. The swim plus bike cut off time was 8hrs 25 mins. Our team swimmer plus changeover took 1hr 40 minutes which meant I had to ride 112 miles (with a mere 1406 metres elevation) in sub 6hrs 45 min, including stops and refuelling, to complete the run changeover. I cycled harder than I’d ever done in my life and was absolutely broken mentally and physically! I completed the 112 miles in 6 hrs 24min. Then our runner had a good start and we were over the moon to finish within the overall cut off time. Ian would not have been best pleased with my fuelling strategy but it was an awesome event and all run down together to the finish in the stadium. Attached are some pictures and check out the Hoka video on this link https://t6q6n.app.goo.gl/he6kQ

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