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OGIL ride report 30th August 2023

The power of the OGIL WhatsApp group asserted itself on the morning of the ride, with the early start contingent (aka Amanda) announcing cryptically “Sea bean” after asking for the destination to be notified so that she could meet us (or not) later. After some discussion amongst the ten of us assembled at TOP, we concluded that this was probably the name of the cafe by the Camborne Redruth Community Hospital at Barncoose. In the absence of any alternative sensible suggestion, we thought we might as well head in that direction anyway.

In order to prevent this being a ridiculously short ride, we employed the services of our resident human Cornish A to Z to guide us on a route that would add a mile or two. So up through Halvasso to Carnkie, then Porkellis and Releath, then the right turn to take us to Crowan. As is our wont, we paused here to enjoy the sound of the church bells that were going hammer and tongs for some unknown reason. Although the noise was deafening and we could hardly hear each other speak (in some cases a positive advantage), Richard declared that he found them quite appealing (ha ha).

We carried on with our ears ringing to Praze, then on to Carnhell Green and Barripper, turning onto Roskilly Lane to Penponds. Straight up north to the far western outskirts of Camborne, along Weeth Road and then left to South Tehidy. From here we looped down to Pool for a delightful ride along the lovely Wilson Way to our destination. The advance party (Amanda and Jan) were already there, having previously had a coffee at Feed in Hayle. Some elected to sit outside enjoying the traffic fumes, whilst others chose the superior air quality inside. The food appeared a little sporadically, and eventually one of the staff apologised for the delay, explaining that they needed to defrost more baps (why this meant a long wait for orders that did not involve a bap was not explained). Still, when the food did arrive it was good.

We rode back along Wilson Way a short way and turned left to take us onto the Carn Brea path and along to St Euny church. We somehow managed to lose Kath in the process, but with the addition of the early contingent our remaining group for the ride home numbered 11, a most delightful prime. From there we rode to Carnkie then Four Lanes and on to Penhalvean and Stithians. As expected, the more dissolute members of the OGIL stopped at the Seven Stars for more refreshment, and the rest of us carried on home.

Five Stars, Stithians
Ian attempts to adopt an alluring pose to tempt us into the Five Stars

A ride that turned out not as short as it might have. About 68 km for me.

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