Ride Report 13 August.

The forecast suggested it might be dryish so a good turnout at HQ was expected. What a disappointment just Richard Trevor3 and myself . Amanda, Ian & Adrian had set off at sparrow fart. Robin and Ben were cycling with Andy.
Trevor ( Red leader ), Sonjia, Don, Charlie, jill, Steve, Mike & Barbera were headed for Yorkshire so there we are. Trevor suggested Trevassack Lake and as i could not think of any reason not to go there we set off.
We went the easy way Budock, Mawnan, Port Navas, Constantine, Bridge, Gweek, Gear St Martin Newtown then to Lake. Not many miles but lots of hills and creeks and no one else to blame. Richard left us at Mawnan as he was experiancing gear problems least ways that was his excuse. On arrival at the Lake who should we find but Paula, Liz, Sheila, Tom and a couple of friends of Paulas. The cafe was very busy so we opted for cake and coffee but that took a while. Sheila showed us her new bike the colour is Rosewood you have been told. ( looked grey to me).
After a long chat we headed back via Cury, Coldrose with its Harrier Jet proudly diaplayed on the roundabout. We rode hastily through Helston Wendron ( so sad to see Poldark mine abandoned anyone know what is happening with it) Portkellis, Carnkie and home.
And made it just as it started to rain sorry Trevor.
Last Sunday the 6th
seven of us went to Perranuthnoe via Drym, Trevor also went to Peraanuthnoe with his group via Goldolphin. It was busy a luverly day enjoyed by all.

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