You never regret going. 15th March

This was said to me a long time ago after a hard ride or was it a wet ride? Can’t remember. It has been repeated several times since and I must admit it is true. Well O.K., it gets very close to the “maybe not such a good idea” sometimes.
Anyway today’s OGIL ride could easily fall into the category of (not sure).
Last week with a dismal outlook only two of us turned up, We got wet. This week with a worse forecast eight turned up, figure that out, and guess what – we got wet, very wet. The reservoirs are still not full and we have a hose pipe ban so we need more rain. But please not on a Wednesday or Sunday, O.K?
After a very brief discussion it was agreed to aim for somewhere near as it would not be far to ride home. Via Ferratta was agreed which suits me down to the ground. Oh yes, just remembered, nine turned up at TOP, but Kath decided to return home via a circuitous route (don’t ask). So, destination decided, a route was agreed – Gweek, Helston, Wendron, Porkellis, over White Alice, then round the reservoir, Stithians, Longdowns, to our cafe stop. Amanda decided to go home as she couldn’t bear the thought of putting wet gloves back on again. So, it was seven at Via Ferratta, who made us welcome with food and beverages galore. John enjoyed a very substantial breakfast to celebrate his return from a land down under.
Simon and John turned right to go home leaving Phil1, Sam, Adrian, Dean and myself to make a very hasty way home.
I was glad to get home, very wet, but as said earlier (you never regret going)
Mileage who cares.


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