The forecast was not very favourable ……..

“The forecast was not very favourable”

The forecast was not very favourable with light rain forecast but clearing later so all who gathered were hopeful.
Perranuthnoe was proposed and Trevor suggested Porthleven as Denise had to be back by 2.00pm. So Ian, Sylvia, Christine, Don M, Amanda, Ben, Sarah & Fred set off for Perranuthnoe, and Trevor, Denise, Barbara, Mike & Sonjia set off for Porthleven.
Just after Crane garage turn off the Heavens descended upon us so a quick rethink was in order and we diverted to Stithians lake. We arrived very, very, wet & Sylvia set off home. Inside we found a group from Porthleven Cycling Club also wet. We had coffee and hoped it would clear up; a second coffee was needed. We ventured outside into a broken sky, Amanda & Christine decided to call it a day and headed home. The remainder fixed on Portreath, arriving unscathed and feasted in the Atlantic Café. Danny had intended to meet us at Perranuthnoe; where he ended up we don’t know but wherever it was he would have been wet. Richard’s forthcoming Birthday, Meal at Via Ferratta and the Roastie ride were discussed as well as the effectiveness of waterproof coats! always interesting.
The route home was via the eco park which Sarah had not seen before then past Rodda’s to Carharrack, Top of Lanner and Stithians where it was necessary to call in to the Star Inn to sort out arrangements for Roastie Ride (Saturday December 17th at 12.00)
Thanks to all; as the saying goes “you never regret going”, though some times it’s a close call.


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