Simon has a plan…

OGIL ride report 8th June 2022

Despite the prospect of blustery showers predicted by some (but not all) forecasts, there was a reasonably good turnout when we did our count-up at TOP. Amongst the usual conversation was a discussion about destination. The winner this week was Simon, who thought Wheal Coates would work, especially if we went the wrong way round to our usual route. This has worked in the past when we have discovered that riding a familiar road in the opposite direction to the one we are used to is nearly like riding a completely new road. At the time, we had no inkling that Simon may have had an ulterior motive in making this suggestion.

So it was that he headed up to Halvasso, then on to the Stithians causeway. It was between here and Penarth that we experienced a heavy, wind-driven shower that felt like needles. Thankfully it was brief and stopped before we had time to consider donning rain jackets, and we soon dried out. Apart from a few drops here and there, that was, surprisingly, the entirety of the rain for the day.

From there it was on to Penhalvean, then up to the Lanner reservoir, skirting Redruth to descend (for a change) Treskerby to Scorrier. From there it was Wheal Rose then turning right to Skinners Bottom, carrying straight across at the ATV Centre crossroads. On making the main road we turned left and followed it all the way to St Agnes – through the town then round the north/west side of the Beacon to the Wheal Coates tea room.

Wheal Coates
Phil3 counts out the £20 notes for Amanda to distribute

Our refreshments were good as usual, if a little on the pricey side (compared with, say, the Milk Barn Cafe in Mullion, to take a random example). We were also sheltered from the wind, but we became a little concerned as dark clouds began to blow in, and we all donned rain jackets in anticipation when we prepared to leave.  As it turned out, they were not needed and were soon removed.

Wheal Coates
Putting on a brave face as the storm clouds gather

We followed our usual outwards route in reverse to Blackwater, Chacewater, Twelveheads and Cusgarne. It was here that Simon’s plan came to fruition, as he was escorted by a full Wheelers guard of honour to his front gate, much to the amusement of Mrs Simon. Despite numerous subtle hints, we were not invited in for tea and cake (perhaps Simon doesn’t do subtlety). After a brief stop we continued on our way.

Just before reaching Stithians, we stopped at the bottom of the hill near the River Kennall bridge to regroup, and were entertained by the spectacle of Amanda scattering £20 notes on the road. It turned out that this was not an act of largesse on her part to help alleviate the cost of living crisis amongst the locals, but simply clumsiness, and the cash was quickly retrieved. Just as well, as it turned out to be club petty cash to be used the following Saturday for refreshments for those volunteering to help with the Bike Week event on the Moor.

So through Stithians, with a minor disagreement on route at the crossroads, but with the majority turning right and so back to Halvasso and home.

A interesting ride on account of going the wrong way round, and nice to help Simon find his way home – about 74 km for me.

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