Turned out nice again!

For a moment I thought I might be “wandering lonely as a ….” since there seemed to be few OGIL intending to ride today. Some had even gone away to avoid what was forecast to be heavy and persistent rain, some even leaving the country to avoid it. However, Ironman lived up to his name with “I’ll be joining you”- well, I guessed he meant he would be at Union Corner and not on the way to meet up with Sarah on the Sa Calobra, and Paul responded with “I’ll be there”. The rain was light when I started out and met up with Phil1 and Steve at Union Corner. Phil had obviously realised that his “I have got some outside jobs to do” was not going to wash.
No one at the other place but we waited until 9.10 before continuing towards Miss Molly’s. The only debate was whether Stithians might be a wiser choice. But the rain wasn’t heavy and it wasn’t cold. Out of habit we “regrouped” at Penmarth and lucky that we did as we heard the cuckoo calling, first for a few years for me but they hadn’t read that they should be singing all day in May. The sun tried to break through at Nine Maidens but before I could suggest we extended the ride a little the rain started again.
We dripped into Miss Molly’s earlier than usual and placed our orders. As usual service was excellent but there were no calls for a second coffee so we were away well before the usual time too. Surprisingly the weather front had moved on and it got sunnier as we got closer to home. Phil noticed that he was missing a rear light but we worked out that it was likely to have been on the way up to Union Corner so there was no need to retrace our steps. Something else worthy of report was the Cormac crew installing the 20mph signs at Lamanva. A new era has begun. Just 32 miles for me, Dean

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