Star of Wonder?

There were four of us at HQ. I was joined by Dean, Chris and a guest appearance by Neil on or is it in his recumbent speed machine. It was great to see him and hopefully he will join us more often.
We set off on the usual route to Porkellis, through Budock to avoid the rush hour traffic on Hill Head and up through Halvasso. Across to crane garage and down the hill through Carnkie and on to Porkellis. Why is it always further than you think to Porkellis.
Dean was on his trusty old steed with its squeaky saddle. His new shiny electric bike had developed a fault on his earlier ogle ride that day.
We had the usual warm welcome at the pub. Pints and snacks ordered we settled down to enjoy. Man caves, extensions (house not hair) amongst others things were discussed.
As the chaps were settling down to their second pint I left for home before it got too dark.
Great ride on a lovely evening. 23 miles for me.

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