March meeting on 31st at 7.30pm

Our usual monthly get together to find out who’s done what this month and who’s going where in the future.
Film night. We’ll be watching Soul of a Cyclist.
Here’s a little taster taken from the film website
“Directed by Nuno Tavares under the banner ‘AntiCyclone Productions’, The Soul of a Cyclist revolves around the subject of classic bicycles. Shot in Portugal and in England, the film captures personal experiences of individuals who own and ride classic bicycles and their deep connection with them. The film highlights several short stories of individuals of classic bicycles owners that includes a cycling club in Portugal and a vintage bicycle festival in England. The film brings forth the testimonials of several bicycle owners who have used their classic bicycles for various purposes such as touring, commuting, endurance or just for leisure and are the real-life fans of this segment”. 70 mins long
More here – Soul or a cyclist

Pop corn too if you’re lucky

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