Third time lucky, or so I thought.

Having now read the instructions I was all set to video record the Sunday ride, for posterity. “The handle bar mount seems a bit floppy”, says Phil3. “Yes, I suppose that’s what you get with a cheap camera”. The two previous “trials” had given short segments of video, but long enough to capture a few close passes, filming a complete ride, would test the battery and memory card capacity. Both, I think, would have passed this test but the handlebar mount didn’t, sending the camera bouncing down the road after a few miles. “Well I suppose that is what you get when you buy a cheap camera”. TD rescued it from the road but it was reluctant to operate.
Now, bear in mind that the ride was on Sunday and it was Monday night when Fred asked me to write this report so it might be a tad short on detail. Fortunately Mr Garmin recorded where we went, and the camera should have been able to fill in all the detail I would need.
A fair number at HQ, including Jan, not a regular Sunday rider, and which divided into two rides, and the ride I chose further divided into three socially distanced groups. We were going to Portreath, via Norway Inn and Chacewater. I can’t say I chose to be in the back group, but that’s where I find myself these days.
I don’t think anything else exciting happened, I caught some of the others up from time to time, the weather was a bit dull, but dry, and the sun did try to break through for a while. There were a few deviations from what might be called the usual route, going via Norway Inn being the first, and instead of turning right at Mount Hawke, to go via the big dipper, turning left and doubling back a little to come back out on the Scorrier Road, so we could then take the left turn, East Devon Jim’s turn, towards Mawla. Then, instead of continuing to the church it was another right, which takes you past the Ecological Park and out on to the Portreath Road. I am only supposing that the rest went this way too. Surprisingly I wasn’t much behind the others when I got to the Tideline cafe, which was unusually empty, until we arrived, 12 or 13 of us.
Drinks orders were taken, followed by food orders and we sat back for an expected lengthy wait. But it was not too bad, apart from Sarah’s order which didn’t arrive until some were getting up ready for the return. The Mylor boys turned up just after us, which just about filled the place.
It was the usual route back, no diversions, back through Redruth, where Teresa took advantage of the traffic light stop to top up a slow puncture. No diversions that was until Stithians where the open door of the 7 Stars cast its spell on the less strong willed, and where we gate crashed an intimate Sunday roast between Robin and Julian. Bath Ales flowed plentifully, Fred checking his watch to see whether an excuse would be needed when he eventually got home. It was about half four when Sarah and I passed Union Corner and not quite lighting up time. A tad less than 40 miles and very flat, for me. Dean

Participants, as far as I can remember, included Amanda, Ian, Damien, Adrian, Phils 1 & 3, Ben, Jan, Sarah, Kiwi Dave, TD, Fred and myself.

The camera fault was only the memory card coming out so easily fixed. Not bad for a cheap camera.

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