The Mousehole lights ride 2022.

Due to not riding regularly I departed from Helston earlier than I normally would of done for this annual ride but with a strong breeze pushing me up a relatively traffic free Sithney Common hill I soon turned off the main road onto past childhood roads.
Reminiscing with the associated memories as I pedalled pass my place of birth I just wished I had my usual “lights” riding buddy alongside me talking bollocks.
Any thoughts of the past were soon broken when I was joined on the Greatwork climb by Ian & Robin, so pushing on we were soon sitting outside the Crown Inn with Devoran Steve and a glass of overpriced ale in hand.
Being such a dry and mild but windy evening it was no surprise there was a total of fifteen cyclists that left Goldsithney and headed out down to Marazion and along the wonderful newly resurfaced smooth cycle path into Penzance and onto Mousehole.
While the majority understandably stayed out and admired the harbour lights, six deemed the risk as acceptable and ventured into the unusually quiet Ship inn for refreshments.
Leaving the splendour of the lights & the pub behind us we six hurried back to Newlyn to say our goodbyes to the others before we sampled some of the best fish & chips available in Cornwall.
After Marazion and saying our goodbyes to Sarah we took the main road to Helston. By now my legs and belly were rather heavy and I was struggling into a strong head wind so I let the other race on to the Blue Anchor to get the beers in.
It was lovely to see so many faces that been missing from my life for so long so thanks for everyone who came and hopefully we can do it again next year.
Helston Trev (Trevor2)

Photos by Sarah.

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