The not so long Long Sunday Ride

Always keen to keep the fire of adventure burning I suggested heading east and some new lanes this week. Julian had agreed to guide us through the roads less ridden in the clay country aiming for coffee at Wheal Martyn.

However, the barmy weather of earlier in the week had given way to a chilly northern wind accompanied by unexpected showers and this had the immediate impact of weakening what little resolve some wheelers had. Including our guide Julian!

But best stick to a plan and I was pleasantly surprised to see Phil, Charlie and Ben at the Norway Inn. With Amanda promising to forward details of the wheelers coffee stop we set off. East with a hint of north but happy to swing west if necessary 🤪. Ping! I glanced at Amanda’s message suggesting “Tideline” in Perranporth – these details I then forwarded to Steve Pond who was keen to join us later. “Tideline” in Portreath can easily be confused with “Stepping Stones” in Perranporth. We chose geographical destination over cafe location and no harm was done.

With a sign reading 2 miles to Perranporth and the clock only reading 10 o’clock we decided to tack east, and soon had Callestick in our sights. Until, crossing the main road at Penhallow, Phil’s rear derailleur bizarrely broke off (fortunately just the aluminium sacrificial hanger). With group ingenuity and Charlie’s never ending supply of tools and cable ties we rapidly converted Phil’s bike to a single speed and resumed our ride – but with less time at our disposal we took a slightly more direct route via Perranwell. ( There are two Perranwells! )

In Perranporth “Stepping Stones” was already crammed with Falmouth Wheelers and we squeezed through to the only free table – our little group becoming positively cosy on the arrival of Steve Pond.

Then, as quickly as we had arrived, main group departed and a deep sigh of relief came from our host, no longer run off her feet and now free to sit and chat – when not topping up our coffees.

A visit to the Seven Stars in Stithians completed an interesting and very enjoyable days cycling.

PS. I’ve taken to carrying a link extractor these days along with my lightweight multi tool, inner tube, levers and pump. There was a time I carried a lot more – to deal with unexpected mechanicals which, if not resolved can ruin a days ride. It’s taken the youngest member ( I hope he’s paid his membership ) of our cycling club to remind me I probably still should!

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