A bad case of wind

Clocks Back a whole hour to lay in bed trouble is the body doesn’t understand and still wakes crack of dawn! Oh well hey ho. I had a speedy ride in to HQ wind up my backside “speedy that is for me but not some others I am sure”. We totalled eleven which considering weather was pretty good, Aroute to Perranporth via Idless seemed a good enough suggestion as we would have a degree of protection from the wind. After splitting to make it through suicide alley we spilt into two groups. Ian, Phils 1&3 NZ Dave & Danny disappeared into the distance as the remaining six of us followed at a distance. You all know the route Penweathers, Truro courts, Drill hall etc, past The Woodmans Cabin (café) to join the Shortlanes End to Goonhavern road.

The road was closed as the council were in the stages ofwidening the corner but as we all know pedestrians and thus cyclists can usually get pass, but in this case we had to manhandle the barriers to make it passable! This was strange we thought but then the penny dropped, Ian and co had been through and thought it would jolly good fun to move the barriers Ha Ha Ha it will be remembered. Trevor who was in our group was enjoying his day as he didn’t have to make any decisions about route and did not have his ear bent with comments about to many hills and when are we going to stopetc, I am sure he didn’t mean it I mean who would say such things.

The troops were fed and watered accompanied by the usual inane banter which appears to be common amongst groups of cyclists! Must be something to with sitting on your brain for long periods. After the customary look at the sea, which did not disappoint we followed the usual route to the ATV centre,where a split developed! trouble was some couldn’t decide where they were going but eventually Trevor, Teressa and Don M left for Blackwater leaving eight of us to continue to Rose, we battled into the wind always a unpleasant experience, the secret is to not get in front because everyone tucks in behind.

We all made it back safely, tired as it was a hard ride, we all blamed the wind. Fred.

Thanks to Ian Phil1 Phil3 Danny D NZ Dave Trevor T Dave Sarah Teressa and Don Morris.

48 miles for me, felt more

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