The three grumpies.

When Fred asked for volunteers to join the rides committee at the last meeting I put my hand up as I didn’t like seeing him all on his own. Little did I realise that he was going to immediately promote me to rides committee chair and then leave. The need for a committee has been apparent these last couple of weeks, with an increasing number of members turning up on Sunday morning and an increasing number of rides leaving. This morning Red Leader sorted out his groupies as effectively as usual and just on 9, Fred and I made our suggestion of Lakeside public. With no dissent or counter offer we prepared to set off but just Ian followed us.  It appeared that most of those who generally go with what might be called “the main group” had decided on Perranuthnoe. We sulked and I saw it as a vote of no confidence and tendered my resignation. Realising that the three of us would not be a lot of fun sitting at the lakeside moping, we dragged along behind them, along roads regularly travelled, generally at the back and taking every opportunity to make adverse comments. Then, it started mizzling. We spread out a bit and all eventually reached the Cabin. Those at the front, which included Fred, the turncoat, managed to grab the only available table in the marquee, leaving the rest of us stragglers to choose one of many damp tables available outside. John did play the gallant card and offer his seat to Sarah, looking only slightly surprised when in these days of equality, she accepted it. However, before our food was ready a family were leaving and we swooped. All was good, as is the management, food and service at the Cabin. “A good choice”, I mumbled under my breath. With the world put to rights and a smittering of sun we set off homeward(ish). Fred was determined to take a different and slightly longer ride back, suggesting across to Hayle and up the north coast. The climb up to Hells Mouth and the dash up the coast road didn’t fill me with enthusiasm, so I was pleased that Ian suggested something new, to me, though I didn’t really take it in, other than it didn’t include Hells Mouth. So, the three of us turned off towards St Hilary, leaving the rest to presumably go on to Leedstown and the right turn there. At St Hilary we turned left, towards Hayle, joining the NCR until St Erth , where we turned right and a left before the hill to the Smugglers really got started. It was a good alternative route, bypassing Hayle and coming out at Gwinear and on to Carnhell Green. From there it was Baripper and Troon, at which point my rear mech decided to commit suicide by diving into my rear wheel. With Fred’s assistance it was extracated but the hanger was bent, the top jockey wheel at 45 degrees to the wheel and I had the choice of two rear cogs to use. I plodded on, even slower than usual, until we reached Stithians. The stress was far too much for me and I was forced to sit down. Fortunately we were at the 7 stars and they were open. Ian grudgingly agreed to join me to make sure I was okay, but Fred had orders not to repeat last weeks disgraceful behaviour and gave his excuses. The barmaid was as pleasant as the beer. It will be a couple of weeks before the new landlords start doing food though. I left Ian at Crane Garage and turned for Halvasso. My rear mech finally gave up the ghost as I turned on to the Wainhomes estate but it was only a couple of hundred yards, freewheeling, from there. 51 miles for me. Dean

Taking part in the jollity were Sarah and Teressa, the M&Ms, John, TD, Kiwi Dave, Phil3, Dean the Younger, and the three grumpies . Those absent without good reason were Paul, Damien, Phil1, and Kath.

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