Wednesday evening rides are cool!

I’m sorry to hear about the desperately poor service at the Hub on this week’s Ogil ride which, given the heat of the day, probably stretched the patience of even the most well mannered wheeler! There is an alternative however, the Wednesday Evening ride 😀🚴🏼‍♂️🍻!

A few weeks back we took a magical ride to Halzephron – and this has to be up there with my ten best rides of all time! It’s difficult putting my finger on why – cycling companions hooking up on a beautiful evening just pleased to be heading out on a ride I suppose. And the weather was sublime, not a breath of wind and the heat just sufficient to loosen the muscles. And we found lots of nice tarmac. Riding was effortless – even on the bits that opposed gravity and the reward arriving at our destination, of a slowly setting sun over a flat calm sea, was, as I’ve said, just magical. If it is to feed the soul and satisfy our need for companionship then this ride always achieves. So it came as no surprise that this weeks ride was a success in much the same way.

Our destination was to be Porthtowan but a little research and a sprinkling of common sense encouraged us to take a more flexible approach and we considered a few inland hostelries on route. Venturing close to Porthtowan we were pleasantly surprised to Have discover that the “Victory Inn” had a large garden and plenty of seating. The young staff who served us were efficient, courteous and maybe a little bit cheeky – sometimes necessary when dealing with older cyclists! And like the ride earlier in the day, several of us ordered cheesey chips!

Whether you want food or just a drink ( Sylvia is quite happy with a soda water ) it is a long, relaxed stop with plenty of jolly banter. And much later, when we finally left and freewheeled down the hill towards Porthtowan we stopped to take in the beauty of the setting sun and the calm waters lapping the many bathers still squeezing every bit of enjoyment out of the day. As Pop Larkin would say, “Perfick!”

Teresa, Sylvia, Mike, Fred and Steve followed me most of the way home.

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