Too hot for the beach!

I thought I knew most destinations in the vicinity of Helston, but I had not heard of the Crate. I was told it was located on Muddy Lane which Helston folk know as Rowes Lane. The group setting off from HQ was Adrian, Kiwi Dave, Mike, John, Sarah, Ian, Ben, Danny and myself (TD). Red Leader was taking his group to St Mawes and Amanda had already done her ride, setting off early to avoid the heat, and was on her homeward route. Sarah wanted to go to the coast for a swim and had her cozzy and towel in an impossibly small stuff sack attached to her saddle but Ian thought inland was better to avoid the crowds. As we turned right off the Halvasso road before reaching the summit, a big noisy motorcycle pulled up which turned out to be Helston Trevor. Good to see him, though apparently some of the group had met him under similar circumstances not long ago. We took a left right shimmy past Bernie’s and up through Stithians turning right opposite the church. The Basset hounds barked their usual welcome on secret lane, following which Adrian turned left for home and the rest of us went right, climbing slowly up to the main Helston to Redruth road. We turned right there, then left and on through Piece to Troon by way of Treskillard. After Troon we turned right to Blackrock then down through Releath and over to Coverack Bridges. At Wendron we turned down Muddy Lane and found Crate Coffee Shop hidden down a farm track on the right on the second attempt. The staff were welcoming and there was plenty of choice of filled baps or cakes. A simple wooden shelter gave us shade from the by now exceedingly hot sun and we sent Phil a “Happy 70th Birthday” text. Some may have eventually found a spot on the beach but Mike, Dave and I took the direct route home. Something in the region of 40 miles I think. TD

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