A Very Wet Sunday

On Sunday morning via WhatsApp I again asked our resident Weatherman, Damien, what the weather would be like.  He came back and said it would be wet.  Well, he wasn’t wrong.  I don’t usually ride in the rain but needing to get a few more miles into my legs in preparation for the Coast to Clay I ventured out.  There were more hardy souls at HQ and we gathered in our familiar groups. Without the likes of Fred, Phil 1 or Dean a few of us were like headless chickens and couldn’t make a decision about where or how to get to where we were going so we followed Robin to Porthowan.  I very rarely know which route we take and Sunday was no exception except I do know that the rain began in earnest while we were cycling through Carharrack. We all put our rain jackets on and after my decision Not to go home we carried on to Porthtowan. It rained a lot on the way but had just about stopped by the time we reached the cafe though we did still sit under the awning to the Ice Cream shop which luckily wasn’t busy but not surprising really.  We hurried up as it we were all getting a little chilled but soon warmed up as we climbed out of Porthtowan.  It was the usual route back for most of us but Robin, Phil 4 and a couple of others went a slightly longer route back.  There was a bit of a headwind, but isn’t there always, on the way back.  This aided the drying of our jackets until we got to Crane garage or there abouts and the heavens opened again.  It was warm though and the rain was just coming straight down so it wasn’t actually that bad or certainly not as bad as imagined.  We arrived back in Falmouth very wet but happy.

41 miles for me.


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