Damien the weather man

Well, I looked out at the heavy rain at 7.15 a.m. and put a WhatsApp message out asking if anyone had a better weather report on their phone than I had.  Damien came back and said it would be dry by 9.  That was good enough for me though it was pouring down as I got my bike out and was still raining as I made my way to HQ.  Lo and behold, it had stopped by the time we were gathered at HQ at 9.  I think that man needs to be re-named.   We decided on a short ride as the forecast really wasn’t good but do you know what, it turned out to be really lovely weather with plenty of blue sky and only one heavy shower and that was while we were having coffee undercover.  We decided on the Crate Cafe just along Muddy Lane which was just Flooded and Gravel Laden Lane on Sunday. They still haven’t swept that road which really is shocking but I understand Dean is going to have another word with them.   I have never been to the Crate before and what a treat it is.  Shame it isn’t open on a Wednesday, we’ll have to work on that one.  The service was fantastic, very quick and with lots of smiles.  The cakes were delicious, so delicious that I had both the carrot cake and the flapjack.

We sort of took the Poldhu route to the cafe but went through Cury and took a right past Culdrose and down flooded lane.  Just as we were on our 2nd coffee Christine arrived on her own so we waited until she had had coffee and cake and set off home.  We thought that it may be the normal route home but with the weather being so good we detoured a little.  Firstly we went up Little Alice which wasn’t as bad as I remembered then at Penmarth we took a left.  Amanda took the right and we had already lost NZ Dave at the bottom of Little Alice, going straight on and up Carnkie hill.  We were going to add a little extra on but Damien had some form of mechanical.  There was a lot of discussion regarding what could be done and everyone used a lot of words none of which I understood.  Anyway, something was either pushed or pulled in the inner or the outer and we carried on at a pace suitable for Damien though it didn’t seem to hamper his cycling.  Christine commented that the previous evening she was just one click away from signing up for bike recovery, just like the AA but for bikes.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  With Christine and Damien turning off for Mawnan it left just Dean, Phil and myself to continue to Falmouth. Ian had already gone to Penryn at Crane garage. I am so glad I took note of Damien’s weather forecast as my forecast was rubbish.

44 miles for me on what I thought would be a 25 mile day maximum.


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