The other OGIL group ride or ‘am I too wide on this bike’

From the top of Halvasso the OGILS broke up into two groups, I found myself with Fred, Kath, Phil3, SteveL, Dean and Jan. Porthtowen was the target and off we went down to Greek Church where a car driver decided they had to beep their horn at the front of the group and then again at Kath at the back who was accused of taking up too much room. I think we had just met Mrs.Toad of Toad Hall!
No more excitement was forthcoming for the rest of the ride to Porthtown via Chasewater, Blackwater and Mount Hawke. We arrived at the cafe first as I expect Ian was taking the other lot on another mystery tour.
The food was served up in the now COVID style cardboard boxes and cups.
It was a struggle to move in the warm sunshine but, move we had too and off we went back up the valley and on to Scorrier.
The usual way home was taken with goodbyes to Fred and Phil3 on the way whilst I nursed a slow P by putting some more air in.

Great day in the sunshine.

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