Old cyclists shock horror and other fake news

OGIL ride 2nd June 2021

The weather forecast had promised thunderstorms, which presumably had deterred Kath from venturing out, but the skies looked benign enough as we gathered at UC.  We met up with the other crowd at TOP, regrettably without our illustrious leader who was having car trouble (??).  As the sun began to peek through, the obvious choice of destination was Perranuthnoe.  As per usual, we stopped at the weighbridge above Halvasso to re-group.  A count was made to ensure we hadn’t lost anyone, but an initial report of 13 turned out to be fake news and was discounted, the actual number being 11.  Also discounted were suggestions of breaking into smaller groups, for reasons I failed to ascertain.  In any event, once we get moving the idea that we are riding as a single group soon evaporates.

Fake gnus

We had a generally uneventful ride by the usual route through Porkellis, Nancegollan, Godolphin Cross and Goldsithney.  On arriving at the Cabin, we were a little surprised that it wasn’t heaving, seeing as it was half-term and warm and sunny, but we didn’t complain and placed our orders.  The food and drinks arrived at the little dispensing window apparently randomly, but the nosh was top-notch.

Eleven hungry Wheelers at Perranuthnoe

As were leaving, we were accosted by a gentleman who wanted to take our photo for a feature in the local parish mag about over-60s who exercise.  We almost had to hold Amanda back from demanding reparation for this gross insult to her.  It was noticeable that Ian managed to keep out of the picture – is he younger than he seems?  Or was he too busy chatting up the nice lady who wanted to know where we had ridden from (she was definitely over 60!)?  The ride back was by way of Leedstown and Praze.  Like the road across Goonhilly Downs, the B3280 (aka the Goldsithney to Leedstown road) seems to be one of those stretches of tarmac that for reasons unknown demands that certain riders put their heads down and go hell for leather.  I unwittingly found myself in a small group of such riders, clinging on to the wheel in front for dear life.  My compensation for being accused of not doing my turn was a longer than usual rest at Leedstown while we waited for the others to turn up.

A nice ride in nice weather for a change.  73 km for me.

Photo © Phil3 2021 used without permission

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