A Tale of two cafes

“Where are we going?” Respectfully asked the 9 OGILs of Chairman Fred. “Let’s vote” said Fred, offering the single choice of Lakeside which was eventually carried five to four – the four dissidents still await their sanctions. Theresa politely asked if she could join the group, clearly intimidated by the racing snake physiques around her, claiming she might not be as fast. Next spotted chasing Ian to the top of Halvasso, her claims of being “relatively new to this” are in doubt.
Elections for the split into two gruppettos from Halvasso were straightforward enough: the last five who dithered about clipping in and faffing with bidons let the first five go and we were off.
Reading other trip reports I’m supposed to detail which route we took and how many hills we climbed, but frankly I’ve got no idea. A combination of good conversation and trying to stay with Ian on the hills meant that Colin, John, Simon and I passed through Releath, Nancegollan, Godolphin X and St Erth, as best as I can tell, before arriving at Lakeside.
It was then we discovered the quality of the Chairman’s rest-stop research. Bold claims of Lakeside being “Open all year round” were tempered in the small print that this is Tuesday to Friday only. The renegade four voters exchanged knowing glances. A quick phone call to the trailing group resulted in a hasty redirect to Birdie’s Bistro in Lelant. Impressive place: good views, nice menus – one snag. Breakfast ends at 11, lunch starts at 12. Not so good if you arrive at 11:15. Following Phil’s example we ordered lots of cakes to go with the good coffee and were off home.
The rest of the trip is a blur of fierce easterly headwinds, bright red legs and noses from the sun and wistful looks at pubs as we flew by. All too soon we were peeling off one by one till the Budock Vean 3 were left standing for a last blast down to Mawnan Smith.
A Sunday’s cycling at its best.

Grupetto 1: Colin, Simon, John, Ian, Dean (the younger)
Grupetto 2: Fred, Theresa, Phil3, Dave, Mike

For the record, the Budock Vean 3 did 58 miles and 4,200 ft climbing

Dean (the younger)

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