November Meeting

We successfully held our first monthly meeting via zoom this evening. There were a maximum of 12 people, I think, who attended the meeting. There were a couple of late comers but we managed to have a good meeting. Thanks to all who were there.
Before you get bored with reading the notes I’ll tell you that we have an exciting date for the diary. On Thursday 17th December we are going to have our Christmas Party via zoom and it would be great if as many of you can attend. This is where we will be awarding the Achievement and the WOW awards. The Spoke Awards will be done on a separate day in a different format (watch this space). It would also be lovely if all attendees would could wear their best Christmas Hat, have as many decorations as they can showing on screen and anything else Christmassy and don’t forget your favourite tipple.
Ok, back to the meeting .
We discussed how the riding in pairs has been going and now that the latest Lockdown is coming to an end next week we can now start riding in groups of 6 again. Communicating via WhatsApp and text is working well with arranging who’s meeting who, where and when. Let’s hope that it won’t be too long before we can ride in larger groups again.
Phil Samuel gave us an update on the driver who caused the accident while we were out on Pathfinder ride and the prison sentence that he has received.
I then gave an update on why I was putting out a plea for a Christmas Tree. We have been approached by Cornwall Council who would still like to show the display of Christmas Trees that were on display at Princess Pavillions but virtually. The theme this year is ‘Journey’ and we fit the bill perfectly. Barbara and I have chatted about the decorations from last year and we won’t need any more. I shall probably use the tree that I have in the loft and we will need to take a video of the tree being decorated. Denise and KK are willing and able tree decorators too. We haven’t got long to do this but have to wait until Lockdown eases.
The Annual Newsletter/Magazine is now ready or will be later this evening. We are going to ask Falmouth Cycles to hold the stock on Newsletters where members will be able to collect their copy. We will let you know when they are available to collect. The Newsletter will be for members only but if we do find that there are any spare then we discussed that Falmouth Cycles customers may be able to have any spare copies. This may encourage some new members. Some members will be delivering the copies to their near neighbours. For example Phil Samuel will deliver the Mawnan Smith/Helford copies.
Back to the Awards process. I shall be setting up a Survey Monkey survey, with links via Facebook, the Website and WhatsApp. The Survey will ask for nominations for the awards. I am guessing that it will really difficult to choose recipients of the awards as this year has been an amazing one for members Achieving and Wow’ing us. The nominations need to be in by the evening of Sunday 6th December. If you are unable to access the Survey please contact a member of the committee with your nomination.
That’s all for now from me.

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