Award Nomination

I’ve received the email below from Julie Rand of Cycling UK regarding our recent article regarding our Lockdown activities.  As a club it would be fantastic if we won an award though it is a privilege to be nominated and we should be very proud to have received the nomination.

Hi Kath

I’m very pleased to let you know that your group has been nominated for a Cycling UK Going the Extra Mile: Lockdown Love Award 2020 for maintaining group morale and serving the community during the coronavirus crisis.

We will be revealing the winners during our Big Bicycle Quiz, which is part of our Volunteer Celebration taking place this Saturday 3 October with the theme of Diversity.

You are of course also very welcome to join in any of the other sessions we are running on Saturday. Links for more info and to register below.

Also please don’t forget to send these links around to all your friends, family, social media contacts and colleagues so we can have as many people participating as possible on the day!

Many thanks and hope to see you on Saturday.

Kind regards



Julie Rand

Volunteer Communications Officer

Cycling UK

Parklands, Railton Road

Guildford, GU2 9JX



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