August Meeting

Last month I was a week early with the meeting, this month I’m a little late. That’s the joy of the flexibility of the internet. We toyed with the idea of holding an outdoor meeting and it nearly happened but the good old British weather soon put paid to that. The forecast was dreadful and we cancelled, so here I am typing this while the sun shines through the window, typical!! The meetings in real time look as if they will resume on Thursday October 29th. At last a date for our Diaries.
What news do we have for you this month? We’ve had Chris riding what would have been the Ride London 100. Chris rode this with others taking the opportunity to join him over much hillier terrain than he would have had in London, so well done Chris. It was such a shame that the real event couldn’t take place. We await his final fundraising figure. Jan and I met up in the New Forest this weekend to ride a gps guided 65 miles. This was a clever way of offering a ride without a large group gathering and it really was just Jan and I though apparently there were over 40 other riders doing either the same route, the 50k or 162k route. We seemed to race round which was due to the lack of hills so it was a nice morning out. It’s the 162k for us next.
At last we’ve had some good news regarding the ghastly pot holed part of Hillhead Road at Kergilliack. This will finally be repaired near the end of September. I’m very much looking forward to this being made rideable again.
Dean has started work on the Club Annual and he would like further contributions or at least at this stage offers of contributions. In previous years we’ve had ride reports, recipes, jokes, cycling advice, bike maintenance and lots of other interesting articles. Contact Dean if you have an article that you would like to be included in the magazine.
I had an email from Cycling UK asking what, as a Club, we have been up to during Lockdown and the last number of months. I replied with some comments from a few members about our rides and challenges, zoom meetings and beer. It would be nice if we get a mention in Cycling UK in one of their future issues.
Some really exciting news is that we are going to have a Pathfinder Ride on Sunday October 18th. The start will be from the large layby at Gnome World Indian Queens at 10.00 a.m. The ride will be led by Fred and the ride distance will be around 25 miles. Further details will be at next months meeting.
The Tour de France starts in 2 days time and it will be very interesting to see how this is handled with regard to the crowds on the hill climbs and at the end of each stage. A very different Tour this year maybe.
We’ve had some interesting ride reports posted on the Website so keep them coming. One interesting report was from Liz bringing the cafe at BF adventure to our attention. I am aware that BF adventure are offering an open day on Saturday 5th September and I think Amanda has more information regarding this. The Cafe will be a feature in the open day.

That’s all from me this Month.

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