Mawnan enough hills!


Mawnan enough hills!

Where shall I go today?……it was so much easier before lockdown when others made these decisions for you. As I’ve ridden to many of our usual destinations I thought I’d follow Robin’s  idea and keep to my own parish. After all there are plenty of hills in Mawnan Parish – Maenporth, Durgan and Helford Passage – in fact ten of over 10%.

For every descent I immediately ascended again and state d within the Mawnan Parish boundaries.

Here’s my route:

Phil's Route StravaStarting from home I rode, as on every ride that I do, up the BV Lane (10%) to join the road coming up from Port Navas but this time turning left down to Anna Maria where boats go to die. It was stunningly still and calm.

Port NavasI pedalled along to Trenarth Bridge to the first parish boundary where I snapped a swan swimming upstream.

SwanIt was bright and sunny, ideal for cycling so I retraced my route back up the hill (16%) to the BV Hotel and towards Mawnan Village. At the Durgan crossroads I turned left to Higher Penpol and had a shock when I had a 22% ascent returning to the crossroads!

On through the village, with no one around, then left after the garage to go back down to Trenarth Bridge via Bosanneth Valley this time with a 19% rise coming back.
It was left again to see the duck pond- but none around around today.

Duck PondI met a neighbour on his electric bike as I returned then turned left past Higher Tregarne and the solar farm to the main road for a short leg to the parish boundary by the No Mans Land turning. More bikes than cars on the road as I rode into the village centre taking the road opposite the post office down Carlidnack and as far as Bareppa before retracing my route back to the Mawnan again (a surprisingly steep 16%). I turned left at the Red Lion pedalled down to Maenporth beach for a chat to several locals enjoying their local walk to the beach.

Maenporth BeachTaking a breather, a snack bar and a drink I set off back up Maenporth Hill (a surprisingly easy 16%”), past the Meudon and down Church Road before returning to the village and heading home.

Then it was down to Durgan for more chatting to locals and back up to the crossroads.
16% again.

DurganOnly one more hill to climb now, so a quick descent to the Ferryboat Inn and a steady ascent (19%) to the bus stop before returning home.

Ferry Boat InnJust 20.5 miles with 2258 feet of climbing. Not as hilly a parish as Mylor but an enjoyable ride with stunning views and beautiful scenery.

I recommend the ride to you all.

Phil S






2 Replies to “Mawnan enough hills!

  1. Interesting ride Phil. It seems a lot of riders are engaging with the local hills. I’ve had a go at Robin’s so I look forward to riding your route once I’ve got rid of this rigor mortise!

  2. I too am looking at Robins hilly route though a little nervous. I am attempting Carclew hill on my way home from work today. I reckon if i can get up that then i can get up just about anything. No time pressure though and nobody on your heel which always puts the pressure on i find. Sounds like a great ride.

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