Solo Sunday

Being Mothering Sunday I’d agreed ( well, been told ) to get back by 11 am and help with cooking the roast dinner. We both felt very smug that, contrary to Boris’s advice, we were going to see Gill’s mum! And even more smug that we would whoosh her over to our place in our all electric car. We’re so darn organised these days!

I realised it was going to be a different experience today when I approached a gentleman walking towards me not far from the house. He not only walked to the opposite side of the road but climbed up on the grass verge and faced the hedge until I’d passed. Maybe he had a particularly powerful cough. Or thought I had?

It was quiet all the way to Penryn, as always. I saw a lady and her three children on bikes waiting at the traffic lights. I hung back a respectful distance. Looks like there is going to be a whole lot more cyclists out and about these coming months.

The council workman were sweeping Falmouth’s Church Street as usual. As usual – that can’t be right? The pubs were closed last night so there weren’t the usual fag ends, broken glass, blood or vomit. They must have been having an easy time of it……

Around Pendennis where there were the usual runners and walkers and a fair number of people on Gyllingvase beach – but fairly well spaced. It looked like they had the hang of the social distancing – unlike the Aussies on Bondi beach who had to be shepherded off for being too close to one another. Aussies eh?

Turned left after the golf course reminding myself that I was free to fly. Could go where I wanted – could do all the hills but not have to race any of them!Proud to have made a seated, if slow, ascent of Trengilley hill.

Through Gweek and then on the St Keverne road as far as the Trelowarren entrance. Exit? Then turned right where I stopped for my “on ride” snack – coffee flavoured organic apricots. They weren’t bought like that they just went that way having been stored since last week in the packet we get our coffee in. Instead of throwing the packaging in the bin I’ve taken to folding them neatly and putting them in one of the bags we get the porridge in along with other porridge bags which are quite good for sandwiches. I have quite a few of each there is still space for many more. As I reuse the bags I’m not entirely sure I’m going to put them all to good use so if anyone would like some coffee bags ( good for dried fruit ) or porridge bags ( good for sandwiches ) just say.

Then on to Cury, my watch indicating there was insufficient time to include Poldhu though I did wonder how many were on that beach and what their spacing would likely to be? Closer probably than Gilly – but nothing like Bondi. Aussies eh?

It occurs to me that I’m filling my head with the minutiae of life rather than chatting to cycling companions. One of whom would normally sit on my back wheel and generously gives me an extra 7%! I’m missing that, though I do reflect that I’m finding pushing the pedals almost effortless. I put this down to the easy few days I’ve had along with my generally excellent physical shape. At Cury I hang a right for Helston and immediately feel the wind in my face and realise that I’m starting to feel a bit tired and suspect that I’m not in good shape at all. It was a tremendous feeling whilst it lasted. Back to Gweek and four mile hill that isn’t with just ten minutes to get back home. I’m late but not by too much. I think I better shower before I put my pinny on.

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